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LittleShots Productions is approximately 4 to 6 weeks from finishing a 12 to 16 minute 3D animation film for winning lost souls to the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not know the language in the Philippines but if you could get some great voices to help translate it into their language we would love to help you get more crowds to come and see an American cartoon film. The film is from the Chick tract, "The Sissy" and you can go to and click on "online reading" and then click on "tracts" and then find "The Sissy."

This film is free to all missionaries who are preaching and working the field. The missionaries must believe and preach that the only way to Heaven is through the Lord Jesus Christ ONLY!

The film cost over $200,000 to make due to buying computers, software, rent for building, animators, motion capture equipment and etc. Brother Jack Chick and I both agree that working missionaries receive this without charge but not to be sold or given away from the agreement of what the free DVD is to be used for.

I hope this helps and you can email me at or visit website