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Sort like an every man for himself denomination, but they really do not consider themselves a denomination either, no Bible for that either. Its like if the Bible says it ok, if the Bible doesn't say it, then its not.
Yeah, grew up in agnosic family, never considered Jesus as a real historical figure not once in my life, met a SDA at work, believed Jesus was an historical figure, read lots of EG WHITE, couldn't cut it, blood sugar issues require meat, always found a reason to buy something on Saturday, left SDA in defeat, went to Charismatic church, failed at speaking in tongues, slain in the spirit, given spirit of repentance, cried non-stop for two days, missed work, many other like experiences, finally prayed for understanding of Bible, shortly thereafter met husband, he taught me what's what from the Bible, actually started reading Bible and understanding Bible, realized KJV only one not corrupt, went to many different churches, all say different things, no 2 alike, not rocket science they can't all be right, most use corrupt bibles, decided to stick with Bible, not a lot of contact with Christians for 15 years, came on this forum, actually find some people we agree with on most things because they teach from Bible as final authority, find others that want me to believe them even if it's not in Bible, I don't believe them so I am not mature Christian, still learning fine art of getting along with christians they are so different.

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