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Here is my "late" welcome, Sister Amanda.
Bro. Forrest Thank you for the welcome!

I can tell already from your post's that you're a high spirited, right is right/wrong is wrong, black is black/white is white, truth motivated, get it right kind of person, right? Me too. And so is my oldest daughter.
Partially true And it appears that MY daughter has taken after her mother poor girl
I joined this forum with my husband's blessing because it's just not his "thing" to volley back and forth forum style. While he is one of the best Bible teachers I know and will answer my questions, tires easily of endless "hard headed" questioning and what ifs. LoL
The part of your statement that I don't necessarily agree with and hope to provethe opposite is the idea that "I" am right or that because I feel it is right for me that I mandate it for others and I certainly hope that over the years I have learned to love the brethren despite our differences.

Through the years God has softened my heart and taught me through trial and testing to speak the truth in love, to not be so harsh with people (and I was), and to stop sizing people up and judging them (and I did).
The last 2 years have been very hard for our family...way too long to go into here...but I know for a fact that I have learned this very lesson multiple times over and it certainly has affected me and those I have dealings with.

I perceive our temperaments are a lot there is great potential for some "pride" and "carnality" to rise between us. There is great potential to write things that do not edify, exhort, or admonish. So let's agree right now to always be kind one to another, love one another, and pray for one another. Deal?
Deal Feel free to remind me of this deal

On a side note, I sent you a private email the other day informing you that we also home schooled our children. We have three that are grown and all serving the Good Master and one, my sweet little Sarah Beth whom we still home school. Sarah, by the way, was premature, born at 25 weeks and weighed 1 pound and 8 ounces! I also served actively as a Pastor but can no longer minister in that capacity due to secondary-progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I am in a wheelchair, home bound, and taken care of by my wife who is my primary caregiver. This forum has been a tremendous blessing to me and given me the opportunity to fellowship with other believers and talk about the precious word. It's very special to meet fellow believers all over the world.
Bro. I got that message but I do very little with e mail these days (with the invention of FaceBook) that I was neglectful in not answering back. Please forgive me.

I commend you 2 for raising godly children and I only pray that I can say the same in a few years. Sounds as if your youngest has come a long way!

My husband pastored for many years until he resigned trying to do what we thought was the Lord's will...a year later through many bumps...we have found what we feel is the Lord's will. He is currently serving as an assistant pastor and our family feels as if we've come home

Brother, I'll remember you and your family in prayer.

Be blessed!