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I pray it will not prove to be futile and if it is she will be held accountable at the J.S. of Christ for the things she does in this body.

I have grown not only by your words in posts but this forum has helped me to analyze my attitude reaction and actions, in that case it helps me from really expressing what I would say in the heat of a moment of an offense which may or may not be existing in the posters words. that growth in reactions is something I have needed.

With Parish however his posts are offensive when he is upset with anyone. I cannot change what Parish says. However I can change how I react or not to react which ever is appropriate.

I want to help others here to do the same. However if they are unwilling to look at themselves if is futile for sure. If Pam is carrying humanistic, femmistic and worldly ideas, precepts and garbage as what was pointed out. then maybe she just needs to take a moment and see herself from a different angle. I see she is offended and I was just trying to get her to take a moment and get her eyes off of you and on to her as to why be so extreme in her responses. If she will I am sure if the Lord is working in her life she will change for the better.

I went to her web page. she seems to be a caring loving wife and mother. the family looks quite down to earth and simple. simple lives don't always go together with a strong personality or a mind full of knowledge.

I learned that when I came here to do the Lords will. I found that I had to subpress certain attitudes and feelings in order to cope with the new culture. It is often so easy to try and force my culture on them. but better if I come from along side instead of from above.

by the way. I was grateful for this post as it helped me to realize marriage is not a Yolking together of Biblical terms, but a clear joining of two into one.

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