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Default MY Testimony & a Prayer Request

Originally Posted by Jassy View Post
Bro POTW, Bro Brandon, Bro P., Sis Jen, and Bro John,

Thank you so much for your support and the uplifting Scriptures and the caring things that you said. I appreciate your kindness so much. I know that I have TRUE brothers and sisters here - and I look forward to meeting all of you in Heaven, where we shall gather around His throne, to sing His praises in glory and great JOY! And yes, there will be no more pain or suffering or tears. Truly, you all made me cry tears of joy. I have felt enveloped in our Lord's arms - and that came through all of you.

Marlene told me tonight that she will have her spine surgery 2 to 3 weeks after the 4th. I know I am going to need my spinal surgery SOON because I have numbness that's travelling upward and, through Marlene, I finally found a dr that does this type of surgery. All the other spinal doctors have refused to attempt it, because my spine is so abnormal.

This will be up to the Lord - so I leave it to Him to know when it should be done. I know what I'll do with my big box of Chick tracts now - I'll pass them out at the hospital! And I'll get a pack of the other ones ("The Disappearing Bible") also to include.

Thank you for your prayers. Please keep remembering both Marlene and I in your prayers. It is a wonderful blessing to be a sister here at this Forum.


Aloha sister Jassy,

I want to add my thankyou and appreciation for your sharing your personal testimony. It was a genuine blessing to me and a humbling reminder to me that I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about.

Our third son (39 years old) has Fibromyalgia, which emulates some of the symptoms you have described, but not nearly as severe; so I have just a tiny inkling of what you must have experienced in your life.

Don't ever let some self-righteous "Christian" put that "not having enough faith" burden on you -ever! Some "Christians" can be so cruel and heartless, it really makes me wonder!

I don't do this very often, but I am going to recommend that you read some of brother Forrest Wychopen's (our "Forrest" on the AV1611 Bible Forums) Threads & Posts on the Forum (the Thread - Doctrines of Christian of Christian Living would be a good start ) and check out his web site at:

Brother Forrest has Multiple Sclerosis and has been more of a blessing to me personally (since we met on the Forum about 10 months ago), than all of the "commentators" that I have ever read! I believe that he will be a real blessing to you also.

If it weren't for all of the "fightin" and bickering that goes on here, I believe that his Threads & Posts would be far more appreciated than they are (they certainly are far more edifying than many). The Lord has used brother Forrest in my life to "REFOCUS" on the PERSON of our Lord and Saviour - Jesus Christ.

Sometimes I have been so focused on the Holy "written word" of God that I have "lost sight" of just "WHO" it is all about - the HOLY "WORD" of God (The Son of God), and brother Forrest's emphasis on the Lord Jesus Christ has made me realize that I need to balance the "written word" with "THE WORD".

If you know me - then you'll know that I'm not so much into men's books (not anymore); but brother Forrest has been working on a book for some time now, called "The Christ Directed Life"; and when he is finished, I hope to be one of the first people to purchase that book, because if there ever has been anything that has been lacking in my Christian life - it has been a failure to have the Lord Jesus Christ DIRECT my life!

Renee and I will pray for you and for your friend Marlene. Friends ("Real Friends") are precious and hard to find, and quite often "real friends" can be closer than family. Marlene is fortunate to have you as her "Friend".

I am usually full of "words" to say, but I'll just say: May God bless both you and Marlene and keep you in the "hollow of His hand". [John 10:27-29]

Proverbs 18:24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.