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You posted
"The problem is (according to the Bible) “spiritual things” are taught by the Holy Ghost and NOT by man, and so, although students who attend Bible schools may acquire a lot of KNOWLEDGE about the Bible; church history; etc.; - they CANNOT acquire spiritual DISCERNMENT, UNDERSTANDING, or WISDOM, from a school (or those who teach) since these “spiritual things” CANNOT be taught by men!"

Not to be pendantic but are you not here applying restrictions to where and when and with whom the Holy Spirit may work and reveal Truth and wisdom.
Does the Holy Spirit spend time away from the "student" that his ability to "spiritually discern" is not in place for that particular time frame?
Also does the Holy Spirit not use "means" such as the pastor, teacher, faith sharer??? Is that "means" ie the Christian involved as instrument of Truth/wisdom, not also provided with grace and the Spirits divine power to bring the Word within the discernment provided for the hearer/student?

If I have misread your article I do apologise. But I don't see "spiritual discernment" as having an on/off switch in the true believer, whether they are being used by the Holy Spirit to communicate the Word or receive the Word. The Holy Spirit is surely a permanent resident when "indwelling" in the Christian. This would imply that HIS work is ongoing and continuous!

In Christ.