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Default Hi All

Hi everyone,
I was registered here last year sometime, but I had major pc problems, lost all my info password, etc, and couldn't log on. I opened a new account not to break rules, but simply because I couldn't figure out how to retrieve my old info. If a mod can help me recover all my old info, that would be great.I have been saved since 1991, and thru alot of 'stuff', the one thing I always knew was that God ws right, and I was wrong, EVERY TIME, and the Holy Bible IS the 1611 Authorized Version.

Anyway, in the past I have had dealings with robycop and the rest of the crew, I have had my email box spammed by the 'brethren', etc, etc. I do not know any Greek or Hebrew, and to be honest, do not feel the need to do so. I do have a pretty good working knowledge concerning manuscript evidence, and which readings are found in which manuscripts, and all of that. I have read most books on the subject as well. In the past I have handled myself pretty well with most of the folks who think that they can correct the KJV, or ANY version with the Greek. I have reasoned with them , dealing with the fact that there is no 'original greek' manuscripts on earth, etc, etc
Guess what? I don't debate anymore with them. I simply rebuke them. Know why? Because why in the world would I waste my time debating some practical atheist like robycop concerning something he has never seen? It would be like arguing with an atheist about God. I don't deal with people who quote Black is Beautiful out of context either. What is the point brothers, in dealing with a bunch of dirty Bible rejecting liars like that crew?
Honestly, let robycop, and the rest of the devils over there have fun in their greek sandbox. I KNOW at least, that I have a book that T KNOW IS the Scriptures.
NONE of those geniuses over there could say the same thing. Let them whine and spin and spit. All devil controlled Bible rejecting silly asses do the same thing
Let them go out in the graveyard and howl at the moon. They probably listen to ozzy osbourne anyway