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Default An Interesting Anti-KJV Site

One thing I am impressed with is the bitter hatred these clowns have for those who view the doctrines of Christ from the fundamental perspective and also hold to One Standard for the language we read and speak. The shrieking maniac who runs this site freely admits he got his vitriol and false information from 5 or 6 anti- KJV websites located at the bottom of this webpage, proving most of the heretics we deal with on the KJV issue are parrots. I'm going to look for a picture of a parrot for my message pictures when I post on FFF.

When I speak to an Original Manuscript Fraud as acerbic as what runs this website I am afraid I fall into a stereotype they put on us: I doubt the person's salvation. You are saved because GOD gave you the doctrines of salvation from HIS WORD, which is GIVEN BY INSPIRATION, and when you claim you nor me nor anybody else HAS the Scriptures given by inspiration, it makes me wonder if they are saved; if any of them truly are it has to be in spite of themselves.

By the way, this site is primarily to defend "Christian rock". Sure. So where is my "Christian" hybrid car and my "Christian" cornflakes? If you go to the FFF forum there are plenty of sleazy pop up ads for "Sexy Christian Singles!"

I'm gonna go have a cup of new EZEKIEL Coffee and light up a Pontius Pilate Filter King.

Grace and peace friends.


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