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Default Re: "Inspired" or "Given by inspiration"?

Originally Posted by MC1171611 View Post
"Amen brother. I hit on this a little in this thread a while back. It's important to understand that from a Biblical standpoint, it's the MEN that are inspired, not the words. Those words are given by inspiration of the Holy Ghost from the mouth of God, and if you cannot honestly believed that the King James Translators were inspired of God to give us that Book, then you're lying when you stand up and say "Thus say the scriptures."

Aloha MC1171611,

It is presumptuous on your part, when you presuppose and assume that anyone who disagrees with you is a LIAR! Surmise all you want, but to call anyone who disagrees with your personal opinion on an issue a LIAR, is the height vanity!

I believe God's words are "Inspired" (and have believed so since 1968) - NOT men; does that make me A LIAR?

You gave us your link as to what you THINK "Inspiration" is. Here is a link to what I believe Biblical "Inspiration" is:

I do not believe that you are right (or correct) in your interpretation of what "Inspiration" is. But I do not PRESUME that you are A LIAR, just because you differ with me!

One of us may be wrong in our understanding of this very important issue. In fact, we both might be wrong, but when you start making defamatory accusations against some of the brethren because they differ with your understanding of this issue ("then you're lying when you stand up and say "Thus say the scriptures.") that is known as "slanderous" remarks, and should have no place in a Christian discussion or debate concerning Bible issues.

I'm extremely careful about whom I accuse of being A LIAR! And you should be too!

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