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Default The Rodriguez family to Puerto Rico

Hello to all.

My name is Manny Rodriguez. I am a Bible-believing Missionary to Puerto Rico. When I say 'Bible-believer', I mean that I believe the KJV to be the perfect word of God without any error whatsoever. I say this with no hesitation or apology.

I am also a strong supporter of the Received Texts (Hebrew Masoretic text of Ben Chayiim and Greek Textus Receptus) as the proper underlying basis for all Foreign Translations of God's words. I believe that God has providentially perserved ALL of his perfect and inspired words in the Traditional Texts throughout the ages, and that ALL of those God-breathed words have been properly translated for us in the KJV.

Consequently, I believe that the Alexandrian text-type of manuscripts as represented in the Critical Texts and the translations based upon them are corrupt. Therefore, I believe that in order for any Bible translation to be considered the totally pure word of God it must not contain ANY of these Alexandrian corruptions. Since I believe the KJV to be perfect, in the sense that it is completely free of Alexandrian error and that is has EVERY one of God's preserved words accurately represented in English, I believe the KJV can be used alongside the Received Texts to identify and expose Alexandrian corruption.

I am currently on deputation. So I am always on the lookout for other like-minded Bible-believing churches that might be interested in supporting a Missionary to Puerto Rico of like precious faith. If you are a Pastor or you know of one that might be interested in my family representing your church with a soul-winning presence on the Mission field, you can check out our website - - for more details.

Dios le bendiga