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Default Mysticism and Music

Do you wonder why yoga, labyrinths and other meditational practices have suddenly emerged in churches across America? Or why "Christians" now use the old occult formulas (a combination of concentration, meditation, visualization and mental projection) practiced by sorcerers, alchemists and "enlightened" yogis to invoke the presence of "God"?
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Mysticism is not new to the church; the Pentecostals and Charasmatics have been into it for years. The evangelicals, conservatives and fundamentalists are now embracing it as they incorporate these practices that were formerly known only in Catholic circles. I believe this mysticism (New Age, Eastern, occult) is one of the glues that will bind the coming one world religion. Music has become one of the most divisive issues in the church today and my concern is this new music that is taking over the churches enhances a mystical attitude. Music is the universal language and my personal opinion is that it can affect dispositions, emotions, attitudes and such and influence people to be more receptive to the mystical. What better way for Satan to creep into a church. Has anyone else thought about this or done any research on the mystical music connection?