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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post
we will have tribulation in this world however the 7 year tribulation we are saved from because that is God wrath being poured out on unbelieving sinful world and they will face God eternal wrath also. you seem to be confusing normal daily tribulation and the Great 7 year Tribulation as one event. that would mean that every time you see the word tribulation you are making it the same event. but you were able to separate it. the 7 year wrath is laid out in Revelation if it were not cut short not even Israel would survive

Christian life tribulation is part of our existence. But the 7 year wrath of God is not for us we are saved from that. this is what is known as pre tribulational rapture.

Matthew 24-26 are concerning Israel not Church Age Saints in the Body of Christ. Rev 11 does not line up with 1Cor15 unless you switch Israel and the body of Christ. the events of the Gathering have nothing to do with Revelation 11.

The events of Daniel and Ezekiel and Zechariah also have nothing to do with the body of Christ. it all concerns Israel. the seven year tribulation is dealing with Israel the Body of Christ has been removed at the beginning of this time period or dispensation.

if you interpret Matthew, Revelation, Daniel et al as the church you would get the teaching you are advocating. we are not Israel we are the body of Christ it is just that simple. you must separate the two then do you own study don't rely on those men to give you the truth. They are handleing the word of God in unrighteousness. I will not listen to them for one minute once I realize what they are advocating.

Rightly dividing the word of truth is the only way you will see the truth. But you came into the post already knowing that you were not rightly dividing, and I quote, "I know that after posting this that many will say that I'm not "rightly dividing the word of truth." That is what you were expecting. No Bible Believer is going to fall for your trickery.

the teaching Mckeean and the other Pastor's you claim are teaching this are advocating a false teaching concerning the rapture. it is known as Mid trib rapture of Post Trib rapture. No true Bible believer could believe in those and be a true Bible believer. No matter how many Godly men or scholarly men are advocating such errors.

True KJV Bible believing Christians who rightly divides the Bible believes in a PRE-TRIBULATIONAL RAPTURE AND A PRE-MILLENIAL RETURN OF CHRIST.

I stop posting on this site and another a while back for personal reasons which are confirmed by response above and others. Like I told others, being a Marine has put a thick layer of skin on me but to be called a Non-bible believer because I don't agree with a Highley debated subject, by another Brother in Christ is hurtful. I believe in God the Father. God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. I believe that He sent His only begotten Son to this Earth. I believe His Son Jesus died on the cross because of my sins and I blieve He rose on the third day. I believe He ascended to Heaven and sits on the right hand of God the Father and I believe that He is returning to this Earth.

To be called hairbrained, non-bible believer, and other names by Christian Brothers and sister is one of the most hurtful things a Christian can expierence. I'm not trying do any trickery or deceive people. And you guys don't have to worry about me any more. I'm truly hurt by this expierence but that doesn't change the fact that we're brothers and sisters in Christ. So I ask that you guys pray for me because God has seen fit that I go to Afghanistan in a week in a half. Pray that He uses me to bring glory to His name. Once again I'm sorry for hurting you and I am a Believer, a True Bible believing, God fearing, Christ Loving, Child of God.