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To be honest (and I thank all of you for your input) this was a case where I was confronted with Catholics who, to be polite, had their hearts hardened on the matter, that is to say, they wanted to make the Biblical Protestant jump hoops. In reflecting, the most Biblical thing I could have done for people like that would have been to "shake the dust from my shoes" and is NOT a a mandate on a Christian to dispute everyone, esp. those who's ears are shut and eyes closed to truth. In honesty it was a case where I should have walked, and prayed that the Lord would open their eyes. But at that time and place...they were unwilling to hear, the Messiah Himself could have spent all the years of his incarnation in debate, YET he did not do so, we find Him in our Gospels rebuking errors, but we also find Him in Prayer, Reflection, teaching His Disciples and even going to at least one wedding. Is the servant above his Master? No. People ignored the Prophets, Moses, St. Paul and Christ Himself. People like that are (sadly) still around, they ignore Scripture and the true followers of Christ. Debating then is akin to throwing oneself against a brick wall. If someone comes to me who is HONEST in seeking truth I would gladly buy them a coffee, show them the relevant Scriptures and perhaps invite them to Church. We must use the caution Christ gave us, no to cast pearls before swine. Behold Our Lord in His sham trial Herod, to him he said Pilate he said very little. Grace and Peace.