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Originally Posted by Traditional Anglican View Post
Good point Stephen, yes you are correct. IF Benedict does what many feel he will do (Speak Ex- Cathedra on the matter) what has been LONG believed will become official, it will be binding on the conscience of ALL Catholics: There are TWO Mediators and TWO Redeemers. I am sorry that what I am about to say seems harsh, but how is it that so many Christians view the Roman "Church" as being a true Church? It is the Worlds biggest cult. To say that the High Holy Queen of Heaven is a Mediator and Redeemer is wicked and demonic.
The only people that I know of that aren't Catholic that think Catholics are Christians are Bible 'users'. When folks don't hold their Bibles as authority in their lives faith becomes a matter of preference. Most of these liberals believe that Catholics are just protestants that love rituals. They haven't the faintest idea what these pagans truly believe, and if you even try to tell them what they do and believe they will say you are spreading hate speech and that you should show more Christian "love".

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