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Originally Posted by stephanos View Post
Not only that but the Vatican is being pressured to make Mary the coredemtrix with Christ! These pagans need Jesus. I always keep that in mind when I'm talking with them. They need to get saved, and then you can discuss doctrine with them.

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Good point Stephen, yes you are correct. IF Benedict does what many feel he will do (Speak Ex- Cathedra on the matter) what has been LONG believed will become official, it will be binding on the conscience of ALL Catholics: There are TWO Mediators and TWO Redeemers. I am sorry that what I am about to say seems harsh, but how is it that so many Christians view the Roman "Church" as being a true Church? It is the Worlds biggest cult. To say that the High Holy Queen of Heaven is a Mediator and Redeemer is wicked and demonic.