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Originally Posted by PaulB View Post
The post that I was referring to was the one on the last page of an article posted by Winman – I think that it was called “dispensational truth or error”.

Please don’t worry I wasn’t suggesting that you are in any error in any way, I just thought that your comments were fascinating and that you may find something on the links of particular interest to you.

Hope they are of good use in some way

God bless

Brother PaulB,

Thank you for your kind words. I tend to stick with things that are KJVO. Some Christians believe that I am limiting myself by doing that... but that's their opinion. I believe that they are limiting themselves by inviting other corrupted versions into their life. So, whenever I see a website that quotes (and, therefore, promotes) a NON-KJV Bible, I steer clear. That's just my own way of protecting myself from error.

I've been enjoying your posts brother!