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Default Re: "Noah and Ham--Noah's Curse"

Originally Posted by Brother Tim View Post
"Where are the posters, George and others, that examine the exactness of God's words, and yet are silent with this absolute distortion of Scripture?

Underlining and bold mine for emphasis:Can someone show me, Chette, Solomon, or others, WHERE the entire family of Ham was cursed??? ONE man's decendents, Canaan's, were cursed. These are NOT identified as all black-skinned people!!!

It is apparent that some among us have fallen into the trap of bigotry.

Who are the Canaanites (who received the curse)?

Refer again to verse 19. Is any of this territory in Africa???

This idea of equating the black-skinned person with the curse of Canaan is false, ignorant, and shameful. It needs to be retracted and rejected!

Brother Tim,

WHY have you singled me out (out of ALL the "active" members)? Am I obligated (in any way) to comment on every single issue that crops up on this Forum?

I do not have time today, but I will answer your question - and then I will have a "question" for you!

In the mean time - I have maintained for some time now that a society's (whether a Country, a State, a City, a Town, or even institutions like Schools, Churches, Clubs, etc.) "BELIEF SYSTEM" produces a "CULTURE", and that "CULTURE", in turn, produces the form of GOVERNMENT that will govern that society: Witness the predominately Roman Catholic Countries in South America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Philippines and Western Europe; witness the Eastern Orthodox Countries of Eastern Europe and Asia; witness the Hindu Countries of Asia; witness the Buddhist Countries of Asia; witness the Confucian Countries of Asia; and witness the Islamic Countries of the Mid-East; Africa; Asia; and Indonesia.
{This is WHY it is "FUTILE" to try to "DEMOCRATIZE" an Islamic Country!}

Our own country has undergone a radical "SHIFT" in it's "BELIEF SYSTEM" (Look at our elected "leaders" ) in the last one hundred years (from a basically Judeao/Christian "BELIEF SYSTEM" to a HUMANISTIC "BELIEF SYSTEM" - This is WHY it is "FUTILE" to try to "CHANGE" the "SYSTEM" (i.e. Government) from within! ) WHAT a nation's people "BELIEVE" is reflected in the form of Government they have and the Character of its leaders!

I shall answer your question, but I WONDER WHY you singled me out - out of all the people on this Forum????

2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.