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Originally Posted by ziggy2sound4u View Post
Actually it is EXACTLY what a Catholic would do (slander the King James Version).
If that is your source, it isn't worth much.
Catholics are not noted for their honesty.
It is interesting how Catholics do use the KJ Bible,my girlfriends family are hispanic and Die hard Catholics,they have the Spanish KJB,however they also have other books as well,sound familiar,Mormonism,Jehovahs witness etc..,They have the truth in there hands,but will rely on the Figure head in the Pulpit to tell them where they are going. That is the problem with not searching out the truth for yourself in the Bible and relying on the man up front.
Our pastor say's not to trust what he say's, but to search it out,he has even said to our congregation,how do you know i am telling you the truth?Look it up!

As far as a translator being a drunk,that fits right in with the same garbage about all of those lost books of the bible. Give me a break!

If God wanted them in there he would have put them in there!