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Yes I read your words, and your words betray you. That was my point. Much speaking doesn't change things. On your say so we're not supposed to give our views on Dr. Ruckman if they're not positive.

Jeff explain. How doeas George's words betray him? I do not understand.
I'll ask you the same question George asked me, as impertinent as it may be; did you read his words? He is clearly quick to jump on those who dare to even question Dr. Ruckman. George feels free to criticize those who disagree with him, but no one else should have the same right. Why do you think he didn't attack Pbiwolski for this quote that sarted this new round:
Gentlemen, have you overlooked that Dr. Ruckman ends all of his "abusive" remarks with the "and I say that with charity, of course!?!"
Jerry's response to this was justified, yet Jerry is the one accused of bringing this subject back up.