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These people that "slander" Dr. Ruckman are just as bad as they say he is. No one who believes that the King James Bible, any edition, is the scripture given by inspiration of God, will not make Dr. Ruckman an issue, because Dr. Ruckman is not the key to believing that God perfectly preserved His words. Those that cannot seperate Ruckman from this issue have an incurable disease called "Ruckmanitis", and instead of studying and approaching the Bible with a humble mind, and a believing heart, study it with their mind already made up. Back in 2000 when I was stationed in San Antonio, I got a chance to personally meet Dr. Ruckman at a church there. He was quite gentlemenly, and short. About a month previous to that, my pastor at the time who also didn't like Dr. Ruckman, blasted him from the pulpit at the spur of the moment. He was doing a mini-series on Bible versions. He made the comment " I don't believe the King James flew down from heaven, and if you 'follow Peter Ruckman', this is what he believes, and he twists the scriptures to make them fit what he believes". No "twisted scriptures" given. The pastor was quite indignant and red above the collar when he blasted that statement over the pulpit. I'd say about 90% of the congregation at the time, didn't even know who Ruckman was. Now how fair do you think that is? Why even mention Ruckman's name when teaching a series on Bible versions in the first place, and put a negative thought in peoples head towards someone who they never met or heard of? After the service, I asked what was up with the Ruckman thing, and he said "well, he was married 3 times, and slanders good men, and -and, that's just not right". So, I wrote Dr. Ruckman about these charges, he wrote back and said in short, "You're pastor is a liar, I never have, or will, recommend divorce to anyone, even when there is scriptural grounds, as far as what people have heard about my personal life, give them this book, if they think that was something, wait til they get a load of this, some people just shoot off their mouths and think about it later". He sent me a copy of his autobiography The Full Cup, a 12.00 book free of charge. When the Holy Spirit showed me that the KJB is the perfect, infallible words of God, I never heard of Dr. Ruckman, like nearly 95% percent of every congregation he's preached at. I had a book at the time that used him in the bibliography, but I just glanced over it like the other names listed. "Like minded in beliefs"? Over and over you will read Dr. Ruckman admonishing to not believe a word he's saying until you look up all of the references and cross reference for yourself. Expecting you to be "like-minded" with him is the last thing he expects anyone to do. Who cares what Jeff or anyone like-minded thinks about Dr. Ruckman, go on and have your opinion, its a free country. I can care less if you want to label a man or woman that stands on the Book, a "Ruckmanite". Anyone who has taken the abuse he has over the years and still hasn't faltered, and has a great burden for souls, so many believers faith in the KJB 1611 being restored, and personally takes time out for people, deserves big "ups" as far as I'm concerned. You don't have to agree with him on everything or anything, and he's certainly not above criticism. Why don't you write him concerning his "wacky" and "heretical" doctrines? What are you offering in replace of them?