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Brother Jerry,

I said "I have a strong suspicion" (If I had judged you or your motives I would have said: "Jerry has a "bone of contention", because he is a big "fan" of brother Cloud.") A "strong suspicion" is not "judging", but it is interesting that my statement seems to have hit a "sore spot" with you. My question for you is quite simple: Why do you have to continually "dump" on brother Ruckman at every opportunity?

You will notice that I have about 44 posts on this Forum and I haven't once dumped on brother Cloud - not once! Why dump on brother Ruckman over and over again? We all know how you "feel" about him - get over it, let's move on.

I'll tell you what: I'll promise not to "dump" on brother Cloud if you will promise not to "dump" on brother Ruckman - OK?

Another point: Look through all of my posts - I have never recommended Peter Ruckman's books, articles, materials, etc. - no, not once! I have never "linked" to his web page - no, not once!

I'm very careful who I recommend, and when I do recommend, it more likely has to do with recommending someone for a specific purpose - not Bible study. Examples: {Warnings on leaven in the churches & Psychiatry & Psychology; etc. (Dave Hunt - Berean Call) - even though I don't always agree with him; Psychiatry & Psychology - (Martin & Deidre Bobgan) - even though I don't always agree with them; and others on say: Evolution (Harry Rimmer, Henry Morris, etc.); ECM & "Seeker" churches (Roger Oakland); etc.; etc.}

NOTICE: I don't recommend "commentators" (men)or "commentaries" (or their books) when it comes to Bible study. If you want use them - fine. I used them from 1968-1988. It's not that I know everything, it's just that I have gotten to the point where when I have a "problem" with a "passage", I notice that all of the "Commentators" do too.

If someone uses a "commentator" or a "commentary" I always caution them to be "careful" of leaven and personal opinion. I don't condemn people if they choose to use these men or their books - "Christian Liberty you know.

One other thing and I'll finish with my post: You have a tendency to "generalize" in making your accusations - "there are various serious problems with him and his material that I have found." (But you don't name any.) I could make that same accusation against anyone!; "However, sin is sin - if someone has a foul mouth - or foul typewriting fingers - then it is wrong" ( Be specific.); and again - "Also, wacky or heretical doctrine is wrong regardless of who supports it." (I agree but - what "wacky" or "heretical" doctrines? it's easy to throw out "general" accusations (anyone can do that!) - it's not so easy if you are "specific". If you have only read 2 of his books and he has written about 100 - can't you be more specific?)

I find it strange that there are a few people on this Forum that just can't leave well enough alone. I will never defend brother Ruckman for any wrong doing or any "foul" language that he may use, however, I know the man and he isn't what you make him out to be (and you don't know him).