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Originally Posted by Cody1611 View Post
After stating that I am a KJVO, someone linked me to this website. What do you guys that about this and what would you tell that person about this article?
You're not going to like my response.

After running this web site for 13 years, I no longer bother with such questions. I learned early on that if I make it my job to give account for every minutia of translation in the KJV, I would be able to do nothing else. Nor do I care to spend the time in "the originals" (their copies) that would entail. No matter how many verses you defend in the KJV, they will have yet more rabbit trails of translation they demand you traverse.

Instead, I recommend reading Crowned With Glory, because it tackles the most well-known "errors" in translation in the KJV. It hits the "big ones" and shows why the KJV is not mistranslating or wrong in various passages.

It is usually more profitable to focus on the transmission of the text and the unholy reliance upon corrupt humanistic texts that modern translators have. We can prove that the text underlying the modern versions is corrupt. Once that is done, we can show why the KJV is correct on several "problem texts" -- and this is done in Crowned With Glory. But at some point, faith must reign supreme over our intellectual pursuits. You are not going to convince a modernist that the KJV is God's word without error no matter how many of his challenges you answer. And time spent doing so is time not spent studying the perfect words of God.

Don't get me wrong. I think apologetics is great -- obviously I run an apologetics website. But personally, I have better things to do than run down a list of so-called "mistakes" in the KJV every time someone emails me a list. Such emails go right into the trash bin and have for many years now. I just don't have the time.