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Default Howlermonkey's stance

Dear Howler Monkey,

Thanks for sharing your stance with us all, I am quite new on this forum also.
Concerning your stance, I admire your heart but I differ with your conclusions.

The “originals” or the “Hebrew & Greek” as the final revelation of Divine authority reminds me of the arguments that the Muslims use when attributing their final, sealed & perfect revelation of God to bound up in Arabic. I don’t believe that God simply used the KJB like some secondary source of communicating the nearest that we could get to what He originally said at some point in history.
I believe that The KJB is the preserved word of God as it stands to the English speaking continents.

God doesn’t speak in Hebrew & Greek only He speaks in Spirit & I hear that in English (remember the tower of Babel? it was God who confused the languages in the first place and I believe that He speaks every one of them!)

Have you ever tried updating maths? You can’t because it is a fixed law – Neither do I believe it to be possible to update that which has been entrusted to us as stewards. I believe that we can expound what is written but we can not alter what is written.

If the motive behind the new version was really about “updating the English” as they claim, then Bible translations would have ceased at the production of the 1901 American Standard Version, or at the Latest with the NIV/Good news version.

I don’t believe for one minute that the explosion of new versions is down to a hunger to know what God really said in those long lost originals that never existed as a complete volume at any point in history. Neither is it really about updating archaic English, it is about doing away with the protestant Bible and destroying the concept of “Sola Scriptura” by subtly guiding us to back under the headship of Rome under the guise of so called “more accurate” protestant translations.

The way I see it is this; Bible correctors are using the devil’s algebra to determine what should and shouldn’t be in the Bible, (i.e. take away from it and you end up adding to it, add to it and you will end up taking away from it). The TNIV is a classic example of this (as are all the modern translations).
For more information on the TNIV I think that this guy does a great job;

If there are words or verses that you are questioning then I am sure that there are more than enough resources available from scores of people on this site.

Before I finish I would like to say that now both of our colours are truly nailed to the mast, I am thankful for you sharing your stance & welcome you as a brother in Christ. After all this is a forum where we express ourselves to each other in love to both challenge & strengthen each other.

God Bless