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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post
I disagree that God re-inspired the Bible into the English KJV, but rather he preserved it in the English KJV
The enemies imply or state that we believe in some sort of re-inspiration. What they fail to understand is that the providence of God is at work to such a degree that God's work by seemingly "natural" events and factors happens to work out for the best.

At the birth of Christ, a key event was happening in world history: the Greek language was common in the East, but the Roman Empire entered a period of great consolidation, where roads, trading and civilisation were enforced to the edges of the Empire. All this was for the future spreading of the Gospel.

It is no coincidence that Constantinople fell at the same time, allowing for good Greek copies to travel West, while English was made the national language of England by the fact that the English had no more French possessions, and that the printing press was invented. Thus, consequently, the Greek manuscripts could be gathered into printed forms (TR), and then this would be translated into English, which would consequently allow for the Bible in its highest and best form to be in all the world.

We are seeing that the internet is another vital step in the world's history. Roman roads and the rise of the Gospel. The printing press and the Reformation. The internet and the beginning of the times of Restitution.

The doctrine of Providence and providential preservation lead us to the King James Bible.