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Originally Posted by Ask Mr. Religion View Post
very useful
Somewhat useful. But the defender is a TRO, and therefore some of his points are not as strong or conclusive as they should be. Unlike those who uphold the Word particularly in English. By holding to the KJB as the final form of the Received Text overcomes the uncertainty which is related to issues surrounding the Greek. Again, upholding the KJB as the best standard overcomes issues surrounding what actually should be the Word of God in practice for all.

The big problem is that because this Calvinist is arguing from a self-defeating position. He allows for changes in the TR. If the TR needs changes, if something is not in true “majority”, if something is not “Byzantine”, he is willing to change it. That is the crack by which the enemy enters. Rather, if we have the absolute and settled KJB, and see that there are no places where it can or should be “improved” or altered, then we are in a safe and strong position.