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Originally Posted by Winman View Post
Ancient art from Babylon is very revealing. This sculpture I believe is supposed to be Nimrod, the mighty hunter. Notice he is a giant, and is holding a full grown lion with one hand. He also has 6 fingers, and 6 toes on his hands and feet.

And here is a sculpture of a man with wings. Could this mean this man was the offspring of angels and man?

Brother Win, are we supposed to base a Bible teaching, or even a speculation, on something that's "supposed" to be this or that? I have a little second cousin who was born with two thumbs, does that make her the offspring of demonic angels? Are we to assume being born with extra digits, toes, fingers, arms, which I believe and I stand corrected, is called being "polydactyl", a sign someone was sired in the past by a fallen angel? Catholics burned polydactyls for that reason, as a female infant in India was born with four arms was declared the Goddess Kali.

The second picture is most certainly in error, Biblical angels do not have wings.

Grace and peace brother