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Many of you don't know this but our church is located next to our house in an old tin roofed and sawali (wieved bamboo) walled Building. we are off the beaten path on a muddy road near some old fish ponds next to the harbor in Puerto Princesa City Palawan. we started this current work in 2003 with 8 people. It has grown to 50 and another young man who visited today decided this is the church he is looking for.

This is the fourth young man in 6 months to find our church because one of our member is active in inviting people to church. the main thing they see is we teach the word and we are not into all the crazy charismatic stuff they are used to seeing here.

Well our church building is starting to over flow it can only hold 50, when we have visitors some members are left standing outside or in the back. We are praying for a new place but right now with the financial crunch hitting everyone we don't have the funds.

the area the church and Sunday school is occupying is for our garage, storage, my office and some dorm rooms. If we could get $20,000 to build a new Garage area we could use it for the church until we are able to purchase property up on the highway. the garage plans I have proposed could hold up to 100 people.

I could not buy an empty lot on the highway for anything less than $700,000 in the good locations.

Pray that if the Lord tarries we could either build our garage to use for the church or purchase a lot on the highway.