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Originally Posted by stephanos View Post
Thank you brother Matthew. I like PB1789 have a difficult time with White. I've always said that if I never hear his name again, it will be too soon. Nevertheless, I wasn't aware that he was publishing another edition of this book. Did he send you a copy to review?

Now I want to comment on inspiration. I don't think the translators of the KJB were inspired in the way that, say, Paul was. But I don't see how they could have produced a flawless rendition of God's Word without the Spirit guiding their hearts and minds. So, if God was guiding the hearts and minds of these fallible men to produce an infallible Book, what does it say about the process? I know that many moderate KJBO folks want to stay clear of those that believe the KJB translators were inspired, but what I keep being lead to think upon is that I don't see how uninspired men could have produced an inerrant and infallible Book without some mode of inspiration. What say ye?

Peace and Love,
Amen, brother. I've hit that before (though most disagree with me...that's ok ) and I've come to realize that inspiration is simply the Holy Spirit moving or directing a person to do something. If He could have given Paul the exact words to write down in Greek, what's to say that He didn't give the translators the exact words to write down in English?