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Originally Posted by Tom View Post
Does anyone think that Obama could be the anti-christ? Or, paving the way for the anti-christ?
No,as a christian i don't think we will know who he is,since we will be raptured. He will not be revealed until the Holy Spirit is gone out of this world. I received a crazy email the other day that parralled the anti-christ and Obama,it said the anti-christ would be around 40,Muslim descent,who will decieve the nations with pervasive languages and have a Massive christ like appeal etc etc.. and they referenced Revelation Chapter 13. There is nothing in there that states any specifics or any other books of the Bible that i recall.
Some of what they say are in line with what the Charismatic/Pentecostal/Holy rollers believe. I also heard that some preacher(who is deceased now?) had prophesied that we would have a woman president,of course this was all before the election,guess they were wrong.