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Default Caution Light is ON !

CKG:--- "If it's new it ain't true--and if if it's true, it ain't new."

Be careful. I read the links and then did some more homework and some work, including looking at a You Tube review of the item...and it looks like it is a translation/version that changes some words around, and (big surprise) it seems to have used a (one) guy for the Greek-to-English translating , and a (one) guy for the Hebrew-to-English tranlating, and then they brought in a English Professor to "smooth out" the wording...

I think we have heard this song before. The A.V./K.J. used the brains of several men for the OT and the NT, and then had each other cross-check the work they had done.

The "New" edition-Trans/Version says it puts the Bible in it's Original Order....If you or anyone else wants to know which Bible books were written in what order (time period-Century) then get yourself a "Halley's Bible Handbook", and/or a Bible Dictionary or a "Thompson-Chain Reference Bible" or an "Open Bible". They have the Introductions to the Books and who wrote what Book, when and where and why (what audience).

Also... Be Careful/Cautious/Aware that the Publisher/Seller is called "Biblical Christian Church of God". Does sound like a nice thing... After all who would refer to their group as "Un-Biblical non-Christian Tax-Shelter org"..??

It appears that he/they are a break-off or remnant of Herbert Armstrong's World Wide Church of God. A group with a bunch of doctrinal boo-boos. If in doubt about the WWCOG and their odd (tilt) beliefs, read: "The Kingdom of The Cults" by Walter Martin.

IMO- Save your money, but if you really want to spend some $$, then put it in the envelope at Church and mark it for "Missions" , or pack a "Care" package for a Soldier and put in a paperback copy of a KJV and some foot powder/hard candies/chewing gum/powdered fruit juice packets, and maybe an invitation to attend Church with you when he gets back from overseas.

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