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Default Re: " Dr. Greg Estep's Daniel's 70 Weeks"

Originally Posted by BornAgainBibleBeliever514 View Post
"Nobody else interested ?

I might be the only guy who listens to preaching on my computer as a complete replacement for TV, movies, music and video games, hence I listen to preaching pretty much everyday.

This was the most revolutionary sermon I'd heard in a long time, thought others might enjoy too.

I just grabbed all 314 sermons by Dr. David Peacock, who is KJO, and seems really good.
Any comments on him?
Aloha brother,

I'm not into recommending men, especially preachers that seem to have "new angle" on Bible doctrine. Ever since you mentioned Gregg Estepp, I have been biting my tongue (to the point where it is nearly bleeding ).

There are some of us on this Forum that don't have a very high opinion of Gregg Estepp (and for very "sound Scriptural reasons"). If you want to know why, you can check out this Link: