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Default Re: "King James Only Controversy"

Aloha brother tonybones2112,

I have enjoyed many of your Posts, and find myself in agreement with you - {most of the time }. Since 1973, I too have been tossed out (or left) of four so-called "Fundamentalist" churches (1973 - asked to leave; 1982 - left of my own accord; 1986 - "de-churched" by a "pastor" {after having left that church 6 months earlier}; and 1993 - threatened to be "pounded from the pulpit", if I didn't leave). However, a statement in your Post #57 has me puzzled.

Your quote:
"No one will agree with you more about Paul's manifold revelations than a grace believer like me. Paul had the signs of an apostle till he no longer was witness to Israel alone. He baptized in water till the signs of an apostle were taken from him."
Can you give me the Scripture (or Scriptures) to verify your previous statement? I pretty much agree with you as to Paul's signs of an Apostle, but where (in the Holy Scripture) does it say or teach: "He baptized in water till the signs of an apostle were taken from him."?

I'm a big believer in Christian liberty and toleration (with the exception of clear, incontrovertible Heresy); and I can have "Fellowship" around the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy word with many different kinds of Christians; and I would never break fellowship with a brother in Christ, if he held a conviction such as yours - as long as that conviction didn't lead to the insistence that I believe the same thing.

What you believe is not a "deal breaker" (i.e. fellowship breaker) for me, but (like several controversial topics on this Forum) there are some spiritual issues that will never be settled this side of Glory, and that do not reach the "breaking point" (i.e. fellowship breaker) or "threshold" of incontestable Heresy; and then there those issues that I refer to as the "weightier matters" where I refuse to give place - No, not for an hour!

It is obvious, from your Posts, that you have studied the word of truth and done your own thinking, meditating, and deliberating upon them (which is always dangerous around those who are doctrinaire , i.e. "narrow minded" ); that is why it is my hope that you will continue to seek to edify us with those things that God has shown you, and not seek to divide us with a doctrine that can only bring controversy and much contention.

I appreciate your honesty and forthrightness in declaring, up front, what you believe (rather than subtly trying to deceive). Let's us endeavor to concentrate on the "weightier matters" brother - there are enough differences of opinion, dissension, discord, and disputes going on amongst the brethren to keep us occupied for some time.

Romans 14:19 Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.

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