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Hello all,

Having been a Christian since I was eight, I always understood that God:

Predestined some to be saved IF the believed.
Elected Christians to salvation IN Jesus Christ by faith alone.
Called the Christians who are saved by the WORD of God.
Sanctified Christians BY the Holy Ghost.
That all of this was preordained BEFORE he even started the world.
Christians could never lose this salvation because God keeps it for us.

I have been to church maybe 10 times in the last 17 years or so.
I read my bible, prayed, talked with other Christians and sinned during these last 30 or so years. I didn't always know all the answers but I believed the above and believed that I was saved, even when I was struggling in trying to understand the questions about the people who have never heard the "good news" of Christ.

I never knew anything different until some man told me that it was different. I am going to trust GOD on this issue. Many people see it different from me these days. I pray that they are saved because I don't even want my worst enemies to go to hell. I wish that all would come to Christ and I will continue telling people that they can IF they believe in Jesus Christ and his blood.

Another story: I went to a church recently and the sunday school leader told me that his neighbor wanted him to write a letter to their son in prison. This family was not Christian, but they found out that the teacher was a preacher and they told him that their son became a Christian in prison. They wanted him to help their son along the way. The teacher began to cast doubt right a way on whether or not their son was "really" a christian to the class. He said that he wrote him a 30 page letter "laying it all out." What it means to be a christian and so on. "Class, 80% of all criminals will return to that life after prison." I in return said, "Paul could be viewed as a criminal before he was saved." I can tell you that I prayed for the son in prison and that my spirit was in fits when I heard the snide commentary coming from the false teacher. This was a Reformed Baptist Church.

I guess I would have suggested that the teacher had the class pray for the inmate and take turns writing him letters to keep him company and grow in the faith, but that is me.

Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, that come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Matthew 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

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