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Steve Schwenke
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Did you READ what I wrote??? Let me quote myself for you again. This is approaching absurdity.

Please note that I am assuming Sampson's words "plowed with my heifer" refer to the sex act or I would not have referred to it as "Sampson's metaphor for the sex act." Sheesh!!! What I find so hilarious is that you use a man's description of having sex with his wife as evidence that "yoked" passages can apply to marriage when it has been clearly shown that they do not!!! And here we are now arguing about Sampson plowing with his heifer and what does it all mean! Unbelievable!!! I have been chuckling all day long.
Greenbear, this is what started it. However, you did not clarify that you meant that Samson THOUGHT they had used her sexually, and so I (and I think Custer also) assumed that you thought that they actually had. A little bit of clarity goes along way.
Now, you got all bent out of shape for some weird reason, and just attacked me mercilessly. I stated that I had not heard your interpretation, but I also stated that it doesn't mean it is non-existent. Then you fly off the deep end about my "sheltered" little Baptist Sunday School....etc, etc, etc. Take a chill pill will ya???
If you want to discuss the matter, then discuss it. If you want to call people names, insinuate that they are stupid, and beneath your dignity, that is your decision. However, it is NOT EDIFYING; it is selfish and filled with pride.

Romans 12:18 - If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

I have not attacked you (trust me, you would know it if I did!), I have not denigraded you, I have not maligned you. So why the vicious, childish attacks???