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Originally Posted by bondservant40 View Post
Is the the Bible by DA Waite? I've seen one. I like the idea. Thought about getting one for my kids a few years ago, but we didn't like that each of the words that had a definition to the side was in bold face. We found it a bit distracting. I have heard that many people like theirs though.
I have one of these on the shelf. I would suggest strongly that instead of getting this, someone should get a good Bible without the notes and then use David Daniels' King James Bible Companion which is thin enough to be put between the last page and cover. I found the "Defined" King James Bible to be of very low quality typesetting and printing, and frankly, it just isn't necessary when someone can have a tiny dictionary "on the side" for when they need it, rather than having someone else's "updates" always calling for attention in the text.