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Default Re: "introducing myself"

Originally Posted by PaulB View Post
Hi guys – I’m new to this forum (well, any forum really!) My name is Paul from the UK & like many a new believer I was told (that it could be “proved” from the Greek, etc) that the modern versions were more accurate than our beloved Bible. I not only believed this but started to preach it (may God forgive me) convincing myself that this is the “scholarly thing to do”. I read, the NASB from cover to cover and was quite comfortable & confident that I possessed the most accurate representation of “the originals!”
That was, until someone gave me a tract to read from Jack Chick’s ministry. That started me to seriously question my stance. After which, a teacher at the Bible college that I was attending advised me to read D.A. Carson’s book on the KJB. I did so & became confused. After a time a bought the “KJV only controversy” by James White which I also read a couple of times. It sort set my mind at peace for a time – so I continued reading the NASB until one day I cried out to God to show me the truth on this matter as I do not want to miss represent Him (especially when I am teaching His word). In no time at all I came across the audio series by James Knox which really settled it for me!

Once I had shifted sides – I felt ill equipped and had great difficulty qualifying my convictions – that is until (through diligent research) I came across the likes of Jeffery Koo, Will Kinney & the other guy from I must say a big thank you to these men, as many of the tough questions that Bible believing Christians face from none Bible believing Christians are answered by these men.
I don’t know whether any of you are aware of another guy called Professor Walter Veith – he defends the KJB in his video series that is available on google video.

Aloha PaulB,

Welcome to the AV1611 Bible Forums brother.

I think you will find that we are hospitable to all genuine Bible believers - even if we might disagree on some Biblical "issues".

On the other hand there are a whole lot of "kooks", "crazies", and "crackpots" out in the world today, and once in a while one of them will land on our Forum. We do NOT welcome them with open arms, and will not "put up" with them for very long.

This Forum is quite tolerant of the brethren (regardless of Denomination or Sect), but there a few things that some of us have difficulty with:

1. Correction of the King James Bible and a corresponding disrespectful (demeaning) attitude towards it.

2. Personal slanderous attacks and mudslinging. Or Name Calling (without corresponding proof) and treating Forum members disrespectfully.

3. Out and out HERESY (and of course that includes Hereticks and False False Teachers).

There are quite a few really fine brethren here from all over the world, I hope your stay hear will be both edifying and profitable.