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Lightbulb introducing myself

Hi guys – I’m new to this forum (well, any forum really!) My name is Paul from the UK & like many a new believer I was told (that it could be “proved” from the Greek, etc) that the modern versions were more accurate than our beloved Bible. I not only believed this but started to preach it (may God forgive me) convincing myself that this is the “scholarly thing to do”. I read, the NASB from cover to cover and was quite comfortable & confident that I possessed the most accurate representation of “the originals!”
That was, until someone gave me a tract to read from Jack Chick’s ministry. That started me to seriously question my stance. After which, a teacher at the Bible college that I was attending advised me to read D.A. Carson’s book on the KJB. I did so & became confused. After a time a bought the “KJV only controversy” by James White which I also read a couple of times. It sort set my mind at peace for a time – so I continued reading the NASB until one day I cried out to God to show me the truth on this matter as I do not want to miss represent Him (especially when I am teaching His word). In no time at all I came across the audio series by James Knox which really settled it for me!

Once I had shifted sides – I felt ill equipped and had great difficulty qualifying my convictions – that is until (through diligent research) I came across the likes of Jeffery Koo, Will Kinney & the other guy from I must say a big thank you to these men, as many of the tough questions that Bible believing Christians face from none Bible believing Christians are answered by these men.
I don’t know whether any of you are aware of another guy called Professor Walter Veith – he defends the KJB in his video series that is available on google video.