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Default Hello again.

Hi "A.M.R.". Welcome again. You did nothing wrong--- no reason for you to think you said anything to apologize for.

Your bio is interesting. I was curious as to what was the "spark" or "sound" or "nudge" that got you to start questioning Rome and the Vatican and the R.C. system ? There is a book ( published by Banner of Truth Trust IIRC) titled "Near to God - Far from Rome" . It has testimonies of former R.C. folks who left, and are now Biblical Christians. Have you seen it ?

BTW - It was also good to see your post as I had seen on monday night a program called "Journey Home" on EWTN ( a R.C. TV network) in which former non-R.C.s and former Protestants tell why they converted to R.C.ism. Don't know if you have seen the program. They almost all seem like nice folks, but... they seem to be a tad short on Bible thinking/knowledge , and instead rely on the idea that Rome is an old group... so it must be "true".