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Default Welcome !

Hello AMR. Welcome to the website. I clicked on the link to your homepage and I like what I see! Be warned though that the resident Landmarkers, Arminians and the slice-n-dice the scriptures folks (aka; Dispensationalists) will be very upset with you simply because you have admitted that you hold to the Reformed Faith. Post Tenebrux , Lux! Out of Darkness, Light!

I would urge you to look at the first (Home page) of this site and look up the works by Edward Hills (The King James Bible Defended) and also the writings of Dean Burgon. Also read a book by Fuller titled "Which Bible?". The site owner (Diligent) has posted a short list of verses that are different or mangled by the new translations, on the front page called "verse charts". Two that could be included in that chart are John1:1 and Romans 3:25. The NWT and the NIV are really bad translations.

BTW, the Hills book is now available free on the internet thanks to his widow.

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