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Originally Posted by biblereader View Post
Please pray for my dad, William, or Bill, he was taken to the hospital
today in an ambulance, for chest pains.
He's about 80 years old. Pray for his salvation, too.

God bless you as you pray.
This I will do. I was in a car wreck in 1975, and in it my gall bladder was crushed and ruptured.

None of the doctors knew it.

Last summer I started having pain and problems and had it out in Oct. Gall bladder removal is done on an outpatient basis now, so it won;t be that hard a surgery. His heart health is most important.

I don't have either of my parents, Dad died in 1983 and Mom went in 2002. Mom was Dad's third wife, they were together for 33 years, I was born rather late in life for him. Dad would be 100 years old this July.

Grace and peace sister.