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Default Nicolaitanes

In Revelation Chapter 2 verses 6 & 15 the deeds and doctrines of a group called the Nicolaitanes is identified as not only hated by God but also to be hatred by the church. Neither the deeds or doctrines to be hated are listed in the Bible as far as I know, but the meaning of the name tells the purpose of the Nicolaitanes. The name is composed of two syllables: Nico meaning "to conquer" and laitanes meaning "the laity." This meaning seems to me to be a good explanation for the way the NIV selectively changes the word servant to slave.
A relevant fact from the history of the use of the "Alexandrian" bibles from the time Constantine ordered their use is that when he legalized Christianity he made a law exempting the Christian religious authorities from taxes and gave the authority to tax the laity. Constantine seemed quite interested in setting up a religion of stooges he could manipulate.