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I once heard someone speaking about how all the old Hymns were written in the speach, language, and intellect of the time, and that is what is going on today.
If that be the case, we are in big trouble.
The Hymns of old were written with teaching and edification in mind. They were written purposley with theology and doctrine in mind.
At the time they were written, thought was much deeper than it is today, some were even written over a period of years. After going through much hardship.
Contemporary "worship" music shows just how far we are declining.
Theology is a bad word, and all theologians are tools of Satan, so get rid of that.
Doctrine is too devisive, so that too is bad, get rid of that.
What are we left with? Shallowness of spirit, thought and love of God.
The Book warns us things will get progressivley worse before the return of the Lord not better.