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Originally Posted by Bill View Post
A reformed theologian, I think it was Michael Horton, noted that from the time of the reformation until some time in the 1800's music focused on historical facts of Christianity. Then the focus changed to feelings about those historical facts. This was a transition from centering on Christ and his work to ourselves. I would add to that progression by saying that most of the traditional hymns seem to me to be acknowledging Christianity as real and most of the contemporary Christian music seems to be promoting Christianity as if the reality of it is established by our psychological effort. This transition to "sales pitch communication" is something I see as extremely bad. Reality stands on it's own and is recognized by realistic people, only what is fake needs to be promoted.
I think mysticism is an attempt to create reality in the mind instead of living in God's reality where He is in control. Only God can create reality by thinking and speaking.
Yep, you hit the proverbial nail on the head. Modern "worship" is nothing but self glorifying strange fire. There is no Spirit of God in it, but only a carnal self serving spirit which bases the worth of something on the feelings one gets out of it. I had a hard time giving up this "strange fire" myself, since I grew up around this sort of rock n roll worship. Suffice it to say, I've had no luck exposing the errors of this New Age worship to others. People don't want the truth, they want to feel good. They want a physical metric on their closeness to God, and in the end what they get is religion in disguise.

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