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Originally Posted by Amanda S. View Post
Oh Jassy, this is so sad.....? As I've said before I am the daughter-in-law of a pastor, the wife of a pastor and assistant pastor...very close to pastor's families and leadership in many churches and while I've heard of this type of behaviour I've never seen anyone exibit the behaviour you are describing? Most of the pastors I know are bi-vocational and are certainly not in it for the money...
I would like to defend the churches I am associated with possibly inserted in this broad generalization...While it's despicable that there are churches out there like that, I'd would dare say that in a true Bible Believing Baptist church this is hardly the norm. But I can undestand that if you've come from a bad situation one can be touchy on many areas and I am sorry for that...

I would say that if you honestly cannot in good conscience trust your tithe to a church
then you need to find a church you can trust.

I do not know any true Christians like this personally, but I do know that my aunt who was in a Mennonite cult had her faith destroyed by this very teaching. They were churched for basically always being poor as they taught it was an outward sign of an inward sin. They got out of church and now she is a self professed Athiest with 8 children. Very sad situation.

We need to be careful to consider what the Bible has to say on these matters and do the best we know. The Lord will not hold us accountable for another's transgressions. If you were to give your tithes to a church and they were not good stewards of that money, if you gave as unto the Lord that is all that matters.
Sis Amanda,

Thank you for graciously pointing out some errors in my previous post. I should have started with "Some of the most common Scriptures used in the FALSE churches today..." because the true Body of Christ of a surety would not.

Yes, since I was involved in that false church for so long, as a new Christian, I developed many false understandings about the Bible. Add to that the fact that I am Deaf and the church provided a "notetaker" for me - who was putting her own added SPIN on things - and you begin to see that I had to go through some serious de-programming to get where I am today. That came out later, about the notetaking, when the minister saw her notes!

I still make mistakes that I don't intend to make. I do believe that the Lord has given us the Holy Spirit - and we are to listen to that Holy Spirit. I was a new "babe in Christ" and I did have many uncomfortable feelings being in that church but I had put it down to my own shortcomings and imperfections. I thought I was not WORTHY of these seemingly PERFECT Christians!! It was more like an ACT for them, and I began to see it. I finally left the church and was more confused than ever.

I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit led me to the TRUTH and that I am so much more well-grounded in truth than I ever was in the past.

I apologize if I made any insinuation that your church or any churches that you know of personally have this type of gross error. I'm sure they don't.

Again, I was referring to FALSE churches, regarding the money and the trust. I see programs on TV where the ministers BEG for money and it just is NOT becoming of the Church. It gives a false impression that THIS is the way that believers fund their ministries.

Currently, I attend no church. There are no KJV-only churches where I live. I've tried attending many churches and most are very strongly CALVINISTIC (which I disagree with) or they are very worldly churches.

I would greatly love to find a church!! Being, deaf, I would need a sign language interpreter - and that adds an additional aspect, which is not commonly available.

I don't see that we need to put our money into a church. I put some of my money into Bible tracts and I put some of my money into native missionaries. I also "donate" services that I do - such as editing English for foreign Christians' church webpages, enhancing photographs (adding light to dark photos) of church activities, etc. (I am fairly skilled in Photoshop.)

Yes, I agree that we need to be careful to consider what the Bible has to say on these matters. Absolutely.

I apologize if you feel that I was being disrespectful or critical of your church or any TRUE churches. I was speaking of the FALSE churches - which are proliferic in the world.

Thank you again for your corrections, sis.