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Originally Posted by Diligent View Post
Bro. Forrest,

Thanks for your post (and your clarification regarding the eleven which my post was unclear about).

I wanted to add that the question of being drawn is also answered here:
Titus 2:11 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,
This is of course denied by the "I" in "TULIP" which says that God's Grace is irresistible. If God's grace is irresistible then everyone would be saved. This ties right in with your comments about John 12:32.
Brother Brandon, recently I've heard from a "Calvinist" that what Titus 2:11 actually means is that God's grace has indeed appeared to all men but that to the "elect" He gives a special saving grace that is irresistible. Of course, he could offer no scripture to support that teaching. I am really burdened for this young man who will not, by faith, simply believe what the Bible says. Instead, like all Calvinists he twists and adds to the word of God in order to make it fit his theology. I've noticed they (the Calvinists) are really consistent with promoting this false doctrine once they've sunk there teeth into it and it's very difficult to discuss scripture that is in clear opposition to there view.

In a recent post Brother George referred to a young Pastor in the late sixties that he knew who had several commentaries laid out when preparing a sermon instead of simply studying the word of truth. I immediately thought of this young preacher boy who does the exact same thing. He has books and commentaries of known "Calvinists" opened up when preparing a sermon. I counseled him to put the books down and to simply pour his life into the word of God and hear from God.