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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
I don't agree, that is a Wensday crucifixion. Seventh day Adventist like that one, as it has Christ rising on Saturday at evening. Just fits their Sabbath worship scheme.

However I have studied the crucifixion several times, and agree on Thursday however. There is much evidence to support a Thursday crucifixion in the Gospels. But someone else will have to go into that. I am not a typist, and it takes me much to long to type those long posts. Which is what it will take to present the case.
A Thursday crucifixion works out the three days, and nights nicely. And explains why the resurrection was before daylight, Sunday.
The resurrection was at sundown on Saturday night, the ending of the Jewish Sabbath. Samuel, you'll pardon me for saying this, I think it's a little silly to make light of a sound Biblical doctrine just because "...well, it agrees with the SDAs..."

The Catholic Thursday error is so we can have our "Sunday sabbath". Jesus died and was buried and resurrected according to the Jewish time and custom for reckoning time, not the Gentile. A "day" is reckoned in Jewish manner from sunset to sunset, the Gentile is from midnight to midnight.

Jesus dies at sundown Wednesday and rises on sundown Saturday evening, the beginning of "the first day of the week." If He dies on Thursday then He rises on Monday, and that breaks the Scriptures.

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