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Originally Posted by Ripdood View Post
My hobby is genealogy. I love searching out information about my family and where they lived in the past. I have uncovered a few interesting facts, as well as some skeletons.

I have a family tree which is populated in one branch back to 16 generations (1500s).

I love reading the generational passages in Scripture and then seing how a name pops up again farther along in the Bible.
Wow! how AMAZING that you were able to go back 16 generations in your family tree!! After I became deaf (at 22), I started getting an interest in genealogy and thought it might be interesting to do some research. I really wanted to question my 2 grandmothers (who were still alive at that point), but being deaf that was very difficult. By the time I learned sign language, well enough to utilitize an interpreter, one grandmother had Alzheimer's and that would not have been possible. She couldn't remember 5 minutes ago, much less 50 to 80 years ago... She died at 88, and my other grandma died 1 month short of her 98th birthday. That grandmother was not given to talking about the past. Then my father died last March - so pretty much all the history died with him.

Skeletons, huh? Sounds intriguing!

I hear it's somewhat costly, also, to do the research.