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Default A little Forum experiment

Some of the ruckus in some of the threads here have driven me to near apathy over the forum. So, I decided I would try an experiment.

Instead of shutting down the forum, I've taken a look at the small group of posters who are constantly injecting vitriol into threads. Not just sometimes, but pervasively. And I am not talking about "tone." I am talking about substance. So, I am handing out a few temporary bans. We're going to have a little vacation for one month from a few people. I want to see what happens.

Let me be clear about two things:

1. I am not seeking a debate-free forum. There is nobody here who posts with any substantive frequency that I always agree with. There are lots of people on both sides of several issues -- dispensationalism, church governance and structure, etc. I am not singling out people who disagree with me. I am singling out people who are constantly making things personal and tending to avoid Scripture in doing so.

2. This is my forum. If you think I am being a poor moderator, go somewhere else. If you have a criticism to offer over what I am doing, email me privately, do not insult me or insinuate things about me on my dime. If you don't like it here, you can go start your own forum. It's not hard, and then you can be the one people complain about when someone else posts something they don't like and you don't automatically delete it.