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Hi Folks,

As often happens with the experts who want to disbelieve the pure Bible, views are extracted, and presented as fact, that are very dubious. The presenter simply assumes that he can hide the truth, or he has convinced himself of some "error" in the Bible, since he considers himself such an authority.

Originally Posted by HowlerMonkey
When you have two different coins, the "Assarion" and the "Kodrantes" which were the Roman As and the Roman Quadrans and the As was worth 1/16th of a Denarius while the Quadrans was worth 1/64th of a Denarius, both translated "Farthing"
So today we have easy access to a discussion like that in :
A dictionary of Christ and the Gospels By James Hastings, John Alexander Selbie, John C. Lambert

This gets a bit technical, and I am sure there are many more points that could be discussed, however you will see very clearly that the view that the assarion was the Roman As worth 1/16th of a Denarius is very strongly contested. And that the alternate view would fit the Bible, and not the Howler's objection.

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