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the gospel that was preached before is already spelled out in the context and it is not the gospel of grace but merely "In thee shall all nations be blessed." The Genesis account of what God told Abraham Paul clarified that the heathen (nations) would be justified through faith (blessed) and this by God himself.

However the Genesis account did not tell Abraham it was by faith alone, nor that it would be done by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. so Abraham had no Idea how God would bless the nations. Paul is showing us that the Gospel of Grace is the fulfillment of His promise to bless the nations through Abraham's seed Jesus Christ and that is all.

Paul is not saying that the Gospel of Grace through the blood of Christ for the forgiveness of sins was preached to Abraham in Genesis 12, 18 and 22.

you are the one who is ignoring the whole context of the immediate and cross referenced scriptures that show clearly what the the Word of God is saying.